2 Dec 2007


As ever, Baththeory very well put - I could not have put it better - would just add they did not want to take that lie detector test they were offered either - did they? Oh and Bath Theory - very good - that is when something terrible happened or just after it seems to me...but in the living room, near the sofa where the blood spatter was found up the wall, on the curtain and drained through under the parquet flooring - also clear evidence of cleaning fluids used - I recall a good while back being amused at Rosiepops suggesting it is perfectly normal to start washing the curtains in your holiday apartment - yea Right Rosie!

01.12.07, 11:05pm
I make no apology for repeating this from 1 hr ago.....Anyone who 'believes ' the parents are not involved needs very good reason to think that because A DEFENCELESS 3 YR OLD HAS VANISHED. It is usually the parents in these sort of cases so in reality (At least to the general public) it is really up to them to prove that they have not been involved. These 'ludicrous' pr spins they are attempting to drop have only alienated all but their family and most fervent blinkered supporters Those of us who strongly suspect them 'believe' that Madeleine (in her absence)should be represented. Thus we keep questioning the most likely outcome and we will quietly and calmly keep questioning. If they are 'proved' to be entirely innocent then so be it too.In the meantime I would like to remind people that the two people who are meant to be the ones who shield a 3 yr old from the darkness of the world ( ie mum and dad) did not answer all the police questions that would have enlightened the investigation as to their movements that night. No Comment they said !! to many questions.This whole thing is very simple - it is about providing a voice for a missing 3 yr old who vanished into thin air and who was neglected by the parents. May we all be in a position to find out the extent of that neglect this time next year.JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE
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