2 Dec 2007


01.12.07, 11:29pm
Re the Uncle at the MW complex at the same time as the McCanns.I read a while ago that it was John McCann. Apparently there was some sort of argument after Madeleine disappeared, and John flew home.Lots of these 'articles' have been removed from various websites apparently.
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Just querying because I heard there are two John McCanns. If it his brother - the rushing home on the plane immediately afterwards would be a highly odd way to behave when his niece has just been "abducted". This behaviour is more consonant with him knowing what we believe to be the case - that something terrible had happened to little Maddie and he was simply not prepared to be part of the "Pact of Silence" to protect her parents. If so, then he is a bit of a turncoat isnt he. I remember seeing a video of him on Sky News "why are we spending so much time negating rumours". Why indeed, I thought given his duties as Fund Director were actually to use the fund for its proper purpose - to find little Madeleine. How strange was it that he gave his job up to administer the fund full-time from his front living room. Had big brother had a change of heart and been persuaded by his artful younger brother Gerry that he needed help....It is remarkable just how many people are prepared to defraud and pervert the course of justice to protect the gruesome twosome! If my brother or sister had done that - would I cover for them - no way! What sort of families are we dealing with here? Not to mention Philomena McScamm!


felicity said...

Ah this throws more light on my above post. Peter McCann of Malta is interesting because in the early days all the "sightings" were emanating from there. Interpol have been investigating these Gerrymandered "sightings". How many people has this man drawn into his criminal web of deceit - the mind boggles! Bit scary Peter has a boat. There have been times I admit when my certainty in the parents guilt wavered but when Gerry shouted to the PJ "well find the body then and prove we killed her" that was a very decisive moment for me! I ask myself the question - does he have the capacity to put himself in the shoes of a normal parent prior to making his utterances. It would seem not! A body thrown from a boat and weighted at the bottom of the sea would be practically impossible to find - especially if it is not even in the vicinity of PDL, or even Portugal!

In relation to Holland - that is interesting. I recall from reading Gerry's blog that is one of the country's they chose to jet off to, to promote his "find Madeleine campaign". In his blog he explains they got delayed and missed some scheduled television appearance but did manage to find time for a visit to some old friends - which was "very comforting". I bet!

01.12.07, 11:19pm

It has been much discussed that Gerry's "uncle" was in PLD that night and stormed off after a row. This "uncle" was alleged to be a John or Peter McCann. However, nobody has come up with any evidence of this, and it appears to be speculation.
Gerry McCann has a brother John, who is a director of the fund and uncle of Madeline.
There are also a Peter McCann and another John McCann, who are involved with a rehab clinic in Scotland called Castle Craig. There appears to be no family link between these two and Gerry's direct family.
As Peter McCann owns a boat and has a second home in Malta, there has been great speculation, especially in the early days. This has been compounded by the fact that the clinic has links with Holland (possibly a second clinic?) and Gerry McCann worked in Holland and still has friends there.
It seems to be only a rumour.
Hope this makes sense - I am probably past ny sell by date for today!

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lizzy said...

I remember a the start of the investigation hearing one of Gerry's uncles was there that night and left in hurry, Gerry was alleged to have given him a brown envelope and the uncle and him had a row the uncle allegedly saying he was having nothing to do with it.....this was what I hear in June last year after she went missing. It is probably not true but it was definitly reported because thought it odd at the time.