1 Dec 2007


They took little Maddie's birthday away from her and spent it laughing on the beach letting off balloons with a horrified little crowd of Portuguese people surrounding this gruesome twosome creating their revolting spectacle. They have taken Christmas away from her too - so I say enough of their charade let us have them right where they belong for christmas - in one of your lovely Portuguese jails. Well done Mr Rebelo - speed your officers back here next week and leave talking to them till last!

30.11.07, 10:04pm
Hello you!I read on the French blog of Duarte Levy that the visit of the British Ambassador this morning was unexpected.No sources are given but I found it very strange.The meeting seems to have taken place at PJ in Faro where Dr Paul Rebelo was waiting for the team coming from UK. It makes sense as Faro is the "head quarter" where Dr Guilhermino Encarnaçao (and also Dr Gonçalo Amaral) are...The fact the team had the meeting in Faro and not Portimao also suggests a real "emergency"!They landed at 08:45 and drove immediately into town.How is lovely Black?By the way the postcode you asked is 91420Take note of it this time lolol! xxx• Posted by: Athena • Report CommentWow, new news you're telling me. I think there is something there, my frien in the City!Lovely Black is great. Thanks!Could you expand a bit on the postal code? I'm very tired tonight. And a bit lost.
• Posted by: Claudia79

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