1 Dec 2007

Hello All

Just set this up because I am very very cross with the DE censoring me - just how dare they? I have just grabbed a few post and added a few comments to get things going but you will see I have attempted to be fair and included those who support Kate and Gerry McCann (Forgive them Lord they know not what they do) and also some who think in a similar way to me - to put it bluntly they are a couple of deranged child abusers who pose a serious risk of harm to their remaining two children and the sooner they get locked up the better. Then we will have justice for that beautful little girl called Madeleine who will have all grown to love, just too late to save her. That is heartbreaking but it would be even more so if her "parents" get away with it. I am one of those people who will do my best to ensure they dont!

For those that like my comments - please come and join me, I like yours too. To the parent supporters I have to say comments such as those of Lazarus demonstrating a bizarre fascination with my "arse" I have to say thanks. I do have a good sense of humour and that really made me laugh (do you fancy me/have an arse fetish or is it Clooney you fancy that is fine - there will be no discrimination allowed on this site!? To the rest of you I have to confess I do not like you but we could not have a debate without you! Plus I am very interested in personality disorder and you do provide excellant study material. So dont be shy about coming here but if you get too over the top - I will moderate you!

Kind Regards

Guess Who?

Why Mrs George Clooney of course (in my dreams)


Anonymous said...

hey VIV,

Have missed you from The DE site...best wishes to you


felicity said...

Hi Lisa - have missed you too!

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Never mind the derriere how is the leg healing?

felicity said...

hello i cant think of a name

I have a leg brace on and still struggling around on crutches - painful to walk much but did get out tonight friend came and picked me up bless her. I am getting more movement in foot and ankle though and so I think it is getting better slowly. Go back to hosp on 13 Dec should be lot better then. That was very kind of you to remember!