1 Dec 2007


01.12.07, 1:18pm
Today I have been reading posts and I see there is a lot of emphasis put on the personalities of posters. As the weeks have progressed and i have become familiar with those here I have conjured up in my mind what they are like. Here are a few. I imagine Rothaymere to be an uncombative kindly,retired male senior. A writer of clear and interesting posts and living happily in Arizona. Rosiepops I think of as very sincere. A rounded and motherly lady,with pink cheeks,light brown hair and twinkling blue eyes. Joncar to me is a retired and quiet senior, home and hobby oriented,a rather shy man with a pretty and younger wife he adores and spoils. Bianca is definitely blonde, blue/green eyed and very sharp. Sassy P is a tall reddish/ brunette, brown/hazel eyed and slim. Quietly determined and very kind. I think of Gee as an active, blondish/red haired female, with shiny bright green eyes. VIv, clever, tall, a brunette and strongly opinionated.a good Mother. Old Hippy has grey/blue eyes,long iron grey hair sometime braided and wears Birkenstocks, She burns incense ,remembers Peter, Paul with Mary affection and has a sunny people loving disposition. I am bound to be way off the mark with an imagination way out of control but does it really matter if I am right or wrong? Surely who a person is or what they do is of no consequence if one's heart is in the right place.
• Posted by: Elizabeth

WELL DONE ELIZABETH you got me (Viv) spot on apart from I am a fair skinned blond -sadly now with some nasty silver streaks!


docmac said...

Hi I think most of those descriptions turned out to incorrect. I do think that the one poster who would be easiest to describe is Mandz. Just like her picture on the forum methinks. A stereotypical young and dumb blonde not yet able to graduate from high school. Posh Spice eat your heart out!

I also see Alroy, Mark, Lazarus and DaveLidl as fat red or purple noses with no real purpose in life. Furthermore, have you seen that Lidl is an advertiser in the DE online edition? Just under Ann Widdicombe, how odd (lol).

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac Well I have to agree you with about Mandz - what a silly little girly - if there is one person that bored me to tears on that forum she took the prize for repeated rubbish! I suspect that is not her picture though that is probably her Posh Spice look alike who she hero worships and tries to look like!

Alroy Lazarus and Dave - fat, footy watchers with lager cans strewn across the floor. Mark demented computer geek sits in a shed in the garden playing with his computer and rarely ventures out probably rapidly developing alcoholic. I had not noted Lidl advertising just below Ann Widdecombe - two little sweeties together eh?