2 Dec 2007


Hi All, Have been reading you all on the DE forum since I was mysteriously blocked without a word of explanation. Did they answer my email asking for one - no! I found it very boring this afternoon due to an abundance of silly musings from Mandz Alroy and Chief Inspector Clouseau (AKA JohnCarr) who clearly want to do anything but intelligently discuss the case - maybe they are just not able. But from about 6pm it certainly got better with the appearance of Ironside. The information he provides from Spain is always insightful and fascinating. I think you will all agree if it were not for him, we would not know anywhere near as much of the damning evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann. Once he appears these few little Kate and Gerry fawning, toading sycophants rush of and crawl back under the nearest stone. The discussion that ensued was really good and I enjoyed reading you all. Below is a very impressive post from Ironside: So Dr O'B had been "scrubbbing up". I have queried why his partner Jane Tanner was on Panorama but he was not. Seems to me he has a lot to hide and I still wonder who this male is that wanted to change his story. It is almost planned with military timing isnt it. In fresh trousers he appears just before 10 and off pops Kate - how she must have been dreading carrying out the instructions of her controlling husband. Although perhaps not quite as much as she would have dreaded telling the police what really happened to her beautiful lttle daughter. When Rebelo and other officers re-visited apartment 5a a few weeks back it was reported on the news that they brought a large drum with them - cleaning fluid? Cant quite get my head around that but it seems relevant somehow! If not can someone tell me what the large drum was they rolled across to the apartment? Also picking up on Ironside's comments - there were reports of a syringe being found in the early stages - that would make any child run off down the pathways and hide as Maddie is previously reported to have done. Just what that child has been through fills me with horror. God Bless Her. I watched the video posted by one of the Portuguese ladies - I think Athena - Gerry's stress levels were very high when denying any sort of sedatives had been used on the children. He is very weird the way he plants incriminating information isnt he? I mean on Panorama he says it is almost as though some form of sedative had been used on the twins. Is this some sort of highly weird strategy to say - now how would I dare talk about it like that if I had actually done it, Almost like he thinks he is so clever he is having some sort of sick private joke at our expense - writing what seems to be innane trivia on his blog - about getting the twins haircut - not trivial at all actually was it Gerry - absolutely crucial in fact! They were all going to the hairdressers - Kate went and got her highlights done three days after losing Madeleine - I know what the pros will say "now come on cant the poor woman do anything to try and take her mind off things". She can do something to get drugs out of her own hair - a good dose of bleach - thanks Docmac I got that one from you!


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE..01.12.07, 6:55pmHave been looking around the spanish forums....Not much really that you all know..couple of interesting pieces...A detective from Portugal has been living in England ...watching very closely one of the group...dont know who....only know it is not gerry causing all of this interest......Although they are not connecting the two...O'Brian comes to mind as he was noticed by witnesses to have changed his trousers at 10.00 when returning to table...Police found an excessive amount of high duty cleaning fluid...question being why woukld you buy cleaning fluid...you have a daily cleaner..also a large container was removed thought to have been used for some form of cleaning....wet washing was removed from washing machine....A lot of medicines were found...this has all been checked out at local pharmacies...It seems to be true that baby sitter was cancelled at six o clock...head of service said she spoke to mccanns as there had been complaints of children crying late into the night...gerry refused..even though she told him of a spate of robberies..Tuesday 1st may mccanns and group were in chaplins a good six minute work a member of staff had to go and ask the mccanns to return to their app..as children were crying.....this was around 11.45...Thoughts are that as the children were crying each evening after being left alone...possibly in the dar and frightened...neighbours became concerned and made an official complaint...this is why they booked the babysitter for the night of the 3rd....Something must have happened for them then to cancel..they booked her at 4 o 'clock.....If the children were crying each evening...then this must rule out sedation....possibly twins witnessed the event with M...and were sedated for trauma....Gerry said they did not wake until the following lunch time....Hence his suggestion the abductor must have drugged them...Knowing how suspicous JP were...for not letting them take the children to be checked.....I dont want to wake them...he said....was he worried they might say something.........It is true that kate mccann went to the hairdresser three days after M's Disappearance...This same hairdresser repeated Mrs Fenns statemant...about the poor children being left alone and knew they were at Chaplins.....so her statement to the police was her concerns that children were left alone night after night.....I dont think Mrs Fenn still uses this hairdresser....seems she is retired and just once to live and be left alone.....thats all I can find for the moment...you probably have knowledge of this....just thought you might like to here what is being said in spain...• Posted by: IRONSIDE • Report Comment


felicity said...

01.12.07, 8:55pm

during the summer months gerry had wrote in his blog that the freezer at the rented villa had broken and he took it to the dump. the blog was edited within 24 hours. there was a large thread about it on here. i rembember that in one of the portugese papers the owners of the villa saying they were not informed of the breakdown and that gerry had replaced the freezer.

i also believe that all the apartment in the ocean club are privately owned and all have fridges/freezers. i also recently found out that the apartment the mccanns moved to from 5a after the 3rd may was an apartment on the complex owned by a mr and mrs hubbard!!!

how very strange[/quote]

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IRONSIDE said...

Good morning Feleicity
Hi, found you at last....does this mean we can speak without being banned?..Have left you some posts over on DE..but now that I have worked the system will post you direct.....

felicity said...

Hello Ironside - only just found this one!

Yes uninhibited free speech. Glad you can now post direct on here because I do not get chance to read everything on the DE and sometimes when attempting to do so find my eyes glazing over - minus the time wasters who are actually trying to prevent a discussion it should be a lot better - so welcome!!!

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Hi Felicity..dont know if my comment has got through to you will try again later....

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Hiya Ironside

I am sorry you are having trouble posting again and really do hope you can get through later. I always find you fascinating! Perhaps you could come through on one of the recent posts I have made so others will notice.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

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